We’ll Save You 100 Hours of Complicated Estate Planning Research In ONE Free Phone Call

Think Estate Planning is complicated, expensive and sad? Think again.

Read this before you make another decision...

If you want to invest 100 hours of your time researching Estate Planning on complex legal and financial websites, we can’t help you… 

What we do is give the facts. And save you thousands or more that lawyers and health professionals would try to bamboozle out of you.

Still here?

Good. Then you know the value of time.

You know it’s not spending the most money makes a life worth living. But getting the most value out of every single day with your parents that counts.

Right now you want to get your parent’s affairs in order. That means assigning Power of Attorney.

Making plans for possible health concerns and treatment. Arranging funeral plans now instead of later. And ensuring family assets go exactly where they should (aka NOT to the tax man).

At Will It To Be, we solve every one of these problems for you. Best of all?

You keep thousands of dollars in your pocket.

  • • Spot the gaps in your parent’s current Estate Plan that need plugging
  • • FREE tips to protect your family from the tax man and government
  • • How to save thousands (quick tips on how law and health professionals will bamboozle you

But how can you be sure we’re the right Estate Planning Specialists for you? 

We would say we’re the best option, wouldn’t we?

So what would it mean to you to be able to save 100 hours of planning in a FREE phone call so you can make an educated decision with zero money down.

How to save 100 hours and Thousands...

Estate Planning is complicated and time-consuming.

What’s required in NSW and Victoria might differ. And legal loopholes can end up costing you more than money if you don’t see them coming…

Which means you can spend hours online researching, or filling out simple ‘DIY Will Kit’, only to find you’ve wasted your time. No one wants to start over after getting hours of paperwork wrong.

More than an annoyance, getting just one aspect of your Estate Planning wrong can mean courts seize control of your parent’s assets – even their end of life wishes!

That’s not even mentioning the greedy hand of the tax man who’ll take your assets and carve them up against your will.

Our service was created to remove all stress, risk and uncertainty.

At Will It To Be we:

  • • Help you prepare for major life changes (such as injury, illness or death)
  • • Enable you to make choices about your parent’s care and assets (taking the burden from your family)
  • • Show you what documents you need to fully protect their health and assets
  • • Provide you with all forms required to complete their Estate Planning (we can help you with this if required)
  • • Walk your family through your parent’s wishes so there’s ZERO misunderstandings

No one wants to think about death. 

A free 15 minute phone call can help you to save THOUSANDS on legal and medical costs that unprepared families often receive (this is the average figure we’ve seen).

We help you plan for your future. Protect your family when your loved one’s are gone – with free 15 minute consultations to get the ball rolling

It’s that simple.

Here’s what you’ll get on this -

FREE Consultation

Turn Their Wishes Into A plan

Learn how to organise your parent’s Will & Power of Attorney

Take Power From The Government

Learn which documents you need to keep the government from making decisions for you

Future Proofing

Learn what steps to take to protect your parent’s assets and ensure their loved one’s are included

Save Thousands

Learn how legal and medical professionals bamboozle the average Australian

The terrifying outcomes of not planning for the future…

✅ Power is taken away from you or your loved one at a tribunal

✅ Paperwork for death is not submitted which adds cost and grief

✅  Contested will leaves loved ones out of your estate completely

✅ Taxes on real estate assets take money from your loved one’s pockets

✅  Court receives power to make health and legal decisions

✅  No Advanced Care Plan leaves no way of knowing what a person’s final wishes are

✅   Government departments forced to step in and mishandle your final wishes

✅  Grief, stress and anxiety are all 10x worse


55% of Australians die without an Estate Plan

Will you risk losing everything your parents worked for?

9 out of 10 people waste time and money on estate planning. Are you one of them?

Your parents have taken care of you all your life. 

Don’t stop taking care of them now.

Take advantage of this FREE 15 minute consultation…

…understand how to keep the government out of your affairs.

How to save 100 hours of painstaking legal research.

And how to save THOUSANDS that the average Australian is forced to pay because they weren’t prepared.

This consultation is free of charge. Free of obligation. But full of potential.

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